10 000 h法则与运动员成材
10 000 hour law and talent selection
中文关键词:10 000 h法则  运动训练  成材
英文关键词:10000 Hour Law  sports training  talent
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      尝试将10 000 h法则这一社会学热点议题引入体育界,将10 000 h法则与运动员成材进行研讨,分别从10 000 h法则强调刻苦训练的实际意义、从10 000 h法则承认运动天赋的重要性、从10 000 h法则重视项目之间的差异3个层面展开学术研讨。通过10 000 h法则,从运动员选材、训练成材的视角进行探讨,引发现代运动训练学的思考。
      The paper tries to introduce the hot sociological issue of 10000 Hour Law into the sports circle and discusses it with talent selection. It focuses on the practical significance of 10000 Hour Law's emphasizing hard training, the importance of 10000 Hour Law's acknowledging athletic gift and it's laying stress on difference between different sports. Through 10000 Hour Law, the paper delves into the aspects of talent selection and training so as to help improve the researches on modern sports training.
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