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20120601 On the sustainable development of the competitive sports in shanghai again——National Games or Olympic Games MIAO Jia 2012,(6):1-6 25618
20130201 Problems of Chinese sports law system TAN Xiao-yong 2013,(2):1-5 20916
20120424 On the Training and Cultivation of Junior Fencers Zheng Xiao-lan 2012,(4):95-96 20505
20100101 On the Development Orientation of Competitive Sports in Shanghai Wang Cai-xing,ZHANG Bei,LI Jian-guo 2010,(1):1-4 19953
20120401 Introduction or Cultivation —— Road for the Sustainable Development of Competitive Sports in Shanghai Miao Jia 2012,(4):1-4 19905
20120307 Development of an Internet Questionnaire System for Sports Lottery Buyers XIAO Yi,LI Hai and WU Yin 2012,(3):23-27 19845
20120309 Connotation and Extension of the Concept of Sports Modernization ----- Based on the Relative Theories of the Science of Logic CHEN Wan-hong and XIAO Huan-yu 2012,(3):36-39 19812
20140119 General Principles of Law in International Sports Activities and Lex Sportiva Dimitrios P. Panagiotopoulos and Yang Beilei 2014,(1):74-81 19804
20120305 Status Quo of the Sports Lottery in China ZENG Wen-bin,SUN Yang and SUN Dong-hui 2012,(3):14-17 19783
20120502 International Law Regulations of Disability Discrimination in Sports ZHOU Qing-shan 2012,(5):17-21 19563
20120602 the necessity of the development of sport glogbaliztaion of Sport——the alternative hearing centre of CAS settled in Shanghai XIANG Hui-ying 2012,(6):7-7 19549
20120303 体育彩票:公益事业的助推器,体育事业的生命线 李 海 2012,(3):7-7 19404
20120422 Some Methods of Rehabilitation Training for Female Weight Lifter's Knee Injuries Xu Dong 2012,(4):89-91 19396
20120418 Comparison of Jumping Footwork in NBA and CBA Matches Yao Yuan,Ruan Mian-fang and Ren Feng 2012,(4):73-76 19257
20120319 Analysis of the Variation Characteristics of the Main Joint Angles in the Transition Phase of Zhang Jun's Spinning Shot Put SUI Xin-mei 2012,(3):82-84,95 19066
20140402 Comparison between the Professional Sports Collective Negotiation System in the East and in the West James A.R. Nafziger and Yang Beilei(Translator) 2014,(4):2-11 18193
20100102 Analysis of the Strategic Environment of the Sports Development in Shanghai YIN Xiao-feng 2010,(1):5-14 16935
20090210 Construction Project of Sports Video Database ---- Comparison and Analysis of Open Source CMS Joomla Wang Yi 2009,(2):45-47 16401
20140509 Study on the Spatial Extension Mechanism of the Sports Recreation in Shanghai from the Perspective of Public Service Equalization HE Feng 2014,(5):48-56 16146
20140109 Application of Electromyography (EMG) in Sports Biomechanical Researches WANG Kun,LI Xiaosheng,SONG Ran,FU Renjie and GUO Xiaohui 2014,(1):31-33-38 15804